Upgrading from W10 to W11

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Ian Wells
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Upgrading from W10 to W11

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I have just upgraded my laptop from W10 to W11 because I thought it may solve a problem I had, - it didn't.

With W10, Links worked perfectly using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, but after upgrading Links would only select the Intel UHD Graphics and as a result I had no sky. I have spent 2-3 hours trying to correct it based on what information I could gather from this forum and the internet. I uploaded Links again and ran the patches but there was no difference. I configured the Nvidia Control panel to use Nvidia for Links, but again there was no difference.
I admitted defeat and downloaded the Didgeridoo application that Andy set up, and the skies are showing as normal, (but no translucent shadows).
Knowing what I now know I wouldn't have upgraded to W11. I have Links on my all-in-one computer running W11, but this only has 512MB ATI AMD Radeon Graphics. No UHD Graphics chip.

As I only run Links to check my courses as I build them, and that is normally on the all-in-one, not having translucent shadows is not a problem, but I just thought this information may be useful for other members.

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