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gene_golf wrote: Wed Apr 13, 2022 5:30 pm If could get pro mod utility to work would only want 20 yards plus for driver as have good feel for short irons, chip shots and sand shots using yardages for clubs currently have. Also in between distances are covered by using punch or flop shots. Clubs using now are 1w, 3w, 4w, 5w and 7w. The irons play are 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, pw, sw and lw. I used to play 1w, 3w and 5w along with 3i-lw. When played old clubs to get 240 yard distance that 4w now covers had to punch a 5w. Because Links came about same time as hybrid clubs or bulked up irons I feel that using 7w in Links going same distance and height is equal all in all with playing a 4i. Then again woods not being wood now days, instead being metal there really is no difference in a hybrid long iron and say a 7wood in terms of playability---perhaps only difference being terminology having different names. Interesting to find out how many pros and who they are today actually playing a 7w. ... hould-you/
Interesting Gene! I thought about that. Maybe it will be the next item on the burner.......
Right now I am experimenting to transition to a more realistic way to play golf on Links. Just took several decisions
- playing M/Fc minimum stimp (11.3 on the revised speeds vs. 13.0 in the old table)
- change to Champ and no longer Pro.
- no more games with less than gusty winds
- still deciding what to do with pin placements. I will do a lot to play this game, but hunting down each cup placement to check whether it works or not
it reminds me of that Meat Loaf's song" I will do anything for Links, but I will not do that!" .... I do not want to resort to easy, but difficult does not work well with very fast conditions. Too many holes are bogus. For now it will be medium difficulty, I assume, then we will see.

This afternoon, in practice and at the usual Kapalua's #18 I set my personal best for longest drive so far (no Pro-Speed clubs! which do not work in RTS) 405 yards. :tiphat:
Is it the most I can get? Maybe almost. Speed was below my best, but had a NW headwind (playing in Windy conditions too). Maybe I could reach 410 or so... Anyway..
it will take some playing time to get to the same level as at Pro level. Long clubs I am fine already, but chips, short irons, etc... without a red bar is proving a bit elusive. Putting not too different, albeit I feel clumsy. I just do not have the sense of power for shorter shots, yet. It is different to handle a club vs. operating one moving a mouse.I cannot swing the mouse with both hands! :tongue:

***** update... 411 yards/371 meters!! ...
***** ... 417 yards/379 meters!!..

Tiger Woods' longest drive ever recorded was at Kapalua # 18: 498 yards (2002). That I will not be able to match. I reckon that I may have still 5-10 yards to improve. At most.
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