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Seasons and Rosters available for download to enjoy when playing Links2003 Career. Plus Career simulations
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GBVC - GreyBeard's Virtual Career

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Welcome to Greybeard's Virtual Career (GBVC). This is a radically different version than you may have been use to with past versions. I highly reccomend that you read through the instructions, even if you are already familiar with GBVT.

Without the volunteer beta testing help of the following people, this effort would have not been quite as well as it turned out:

Adriaan Maarschalk (highfade)
Bruce Muench
Cedric Lehmann (Mr Spock)
Kevin Tobin (Kevin tee)
Steve Newsham (stevenewsham)
Tony Smith (TSmith)

GBVC has been set up to start the PGA Tour season with the Mercedes-Benz Championship at the Kapalua Plantation course. This tournament invites only the past season's winners. If you want to play the tournament with the 2006 PGA Tour winners, do the following...

1. Select who you want to start on the PGA Tour, select your method for determining who from the PGA Tour will need to go to Q-school school, and initialize your career.

2. Go to the Q-school workbook and start the Q-school process. Generate all 6 rounds of scores, but DO NOT generate the PGA Tour roster yet!

3. Compare the list of Q-school players to the list of 2006 PGA Tour winners in the 2006 PGA Tour winners workbook.

4. If any 2006 PGA Tour winners competed in Q-school, go to their scores on the Leaderboard worksheet and change scores in their rounds so that they finish in the top 30 in Q-school. DO NOT change the Total score. It will be calculated based upon the round scores.

5. Generate the PGA Tour roster.

6. Save & Close the Q-school workbook.

7. Open the GBVC workbook and initialize the season.

8. All players below should appear on the Roster worksheet.

9. Go to the "stats" worksheet and enter the players below under the "Last Season's Winners" column. The names must be spelled exactly the same as what is on the PGA Tour roster. If you are familiar with Excel Copy & Paste functions, you can copy the names from the 2006 PGA Tour winners workbook into the "Last Season's Winners" column.

10. You may now conduct the Mercedes-Benz Championship with the 2006 PGA Tour winners. However, they will also now be part of your 2007 PGA Tour season since you modified their Q-school scores.

by Mike Cropf


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