2007 European & US Seasons

Seasons and Rosters available for download to enjoy when playing Links2003 Career. Plus Career simulations
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2007 European & US Seasons

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2007 European & US Seasons


Full 2007 European & US Seasons: A 48 week season starting from the Mastercard Masters to the end of the 2007 season. Both tours run concurrently so that you’ll have to decide in which events you play.

2007 Realistic Euro & Us Roster files.

2007 Career Mode Earnings files

How it works:

Drop the included season file in your CAREERMODE folder in the main Links 2003 folder.

For the best results use this season with the included Roster files.

You can also download the 2007 Early Season to take care of your qualifying.

All you need to do before each tournament/round is; select your course and set the conditions and the pins. Remember that you can move the difficulty slider between rounds.


Adriaan Maarschalk (Highfade)