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Waialae CC 2021  BETA
by Tim Hagen

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 2620
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2021-01-05  50,034,703  bytes 70  7051 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  TROPICAL  waialae 2021 v0.91.crz 
Course ID Course Key
61b1eb9737b2453d96038c4467ac4148  d832a2cec636e4694c5412f7cdbd70ec 


Modified and Uploaded without the original designer's knowledge or permission (he could not be reached despite strenuous efforts) by me - Adelade. Full story of why and how further below. I did not make this course, I only made extremely tiny edits to it (see Readme for full details). All credit goes to Tim Hagen, but if he should drop by and actually oppose the upload, please direct all anger at me, contact Links Corner and they will take it down. I am making this upload because I do not think he would mind (see reasoning further below).

This course is a minor edit by me of a beta that Tim Hagen released only on the APCD-Courses site in 2007. He never finished it so it was never released fully in public, and so there probably are a lot of people who up until now didn't even know of its existence. Since this 2007 beta has been one of my very favourite courses I always thought it is such a big huge shame that it wasn't freely available to everyone, and for a long time I tried to get in contact with Tim Hagen to ask if he would be ok with it being uploaded on Links Corner, seeing as he never finished it and because it is such a great product despite being "only a beta". I have tried all I can think of, including a lot of digging around courses and attached files of his other releases, asking around for help in public on LC and LSPN, having a look in the forums of other major golf games, sending two emails to the email address he gave in a readme file, to name only a few. All without result. Therefore, and mainly because
of how excellent this course product is, I have decided to do something I normally wouldnt - I'm uploading the course without the permission or knowledge of the original designer (Tim Hagen). I truly believe he wouldn't mind it and I will explain why further below.

This 2021 update is an extremely small one, basically just adding the tees and pins that previously were not utilized anyway (full list of changes can be viewed below), so I do not include myself as a listed designer. All credit for this wonderful APCD version of this course goes to Tim Hagen.

It is a beautiful championship course with the Hawaiian tropical setting, fairly tough from the Back tees with tight fairways and deep rough, but the flatness of the land still creates good scoring opportunities along the scenic round.

The "2021" in the title is merely referring to the upload and version date, the course is still a version of how it played in 2007 (for the PGA). If wanting to experience it like the members and guests do most of the year, use Mid, Forward, Junior or Ladies tees, count holes 1 and 13 as par 5, and play the back 9 first.

In the attached readme by Tim Hagen from 2007, he noted 3 things to still be finished: "Final adjustments to the greens", "Planting", and "Finish 3d objects", I considered if I should try to finish those things, but I didn't really feel like I knew well enough exactly what to do on those areas to do it, other than planting tees and pins. The 2007 beta only had Back tees (all other tees played the same as Back) and only the 4 pins per green. I decided to add the other tees and pins (they are optional additions rather than changes after all) and upload my edit.

Why do I think Tim Hagen wouldn't mind this upload? All his courses were released publicly, I checked with gator (who has an extensive record of those types of things) and apart from this beta version of Waialae, only one version of Tim Hagen's courses was ever released exclusively, the other being a APCD/OWGC exclusive version of Quail Hollow, which was released 3 days later on Links Corner as well, with a later savedate. None of his courses were ever P2P. He writes in the 2007 readme "I feel the course plays very well in Links and hopefully everyone will appreciate this great classic golf course by Seth Raynor.", so he clearly wanted to share this. He was experienced and would have locked it if he wanted it untouched with certainty, he had already released some locked versions of other courses prior to this but didn't lock this one. No I don't think that means he was really inviting edits, but that - given the circumstances of the course never having been finished - he wouldn't min
d the tiny edits I made. I think the reason he only released it on APCD-courses was because he didn't want to make a too-public release of an unfinished product. He intended to finish it at the time, and I feel strongly that he intended to share it to everyone, like all his other courses, once it was finished. Especially considering his quote in the readme. You could argue that it is still is somewhat unfinished yes, but I think, after all these years, that he would rather that people enjoy his beta than not ever experience it. Especially since it is a very good one, and in most senses that I think matter to most players, relatively speaking very "finished" indeed for being a beta. Aside from the tees and pins that I added, it is exceptionally clean in terms of gameplay and appearance of areas that come into play, some rare distant views can perhaps hint of some unfinished 3D (it hasn't been something I ever thought about until I actively looked for it) but I would still describe co
urse surroundings as really beautiful. Perhaps part of the reason I like this course so much is because I am so into the idea of golfing at Hawaii, but I still think most people would agree that it is an excellent course, one that really deserves being seen and enjoyed by everyone.

Happy 14th birthday to the 2007 beta on January 7th 2021, thank you so much Tim Hagen for making it!

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