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by John Brooks

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1930
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2010-01-03  41,249,344  bytes 72  6618 yards
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REAL  PARKLAND  riv1_locked.crz 
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Rivard was where we played golf when we went on holiday regularly to Florida. A super little course - great value for money - which was in a stage of development, and which probably has been developed much further by now. Anyway, at that time, because part of it wasn't too mature, and because of flooding problems (this area of Florida is low-lying and flat as a pancake!), some of the holes were rather bland and needed more character and definition. In order to overcome this, I've used some "artistic licence", and added some bunkers and planting to make it much more Links-player friendly, with some nice risk and reward holes. I hope you enjoy it.

Amended for (a) easier tree pass-throughs and (b) erroneous bunker showing as OOB on 8th hole. Please remove previously lodged Rivard.

John Brooks

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Real, marshland course
Concept  4/10
Rivard is a real course with some tweaks in the APCD-process. It's clear that - like so many Florida courses - it depends heavily on its ponds, ditches and streams to provide the challenge and differentiate itself from a British country course (which, in many other respects, it resembles strongly). There's a couple of stimulating hole designs, too, based around split fairways and subtle dog-legs. The tweaks themselves are the real disappointment, though - it's just a bit too obvious where landing-point fairway bunkers have been placed, and - at the risk of making it a bit too easy - the course really doesn't need them. I would suggest a little bit less fiddling would be in order.
Appearance  5/10
A lack of time spent is sadly evident here; the course surroundings aren't terribly well communicated by blocky, half-finished buildings. The planting is distinctly 'off', too, plenty of clones being evident and several trees that just don't fit in with the semi-tropical climate. Some good high-resolution texture use helps to hold the course up, but it's just a little too easy to find the flaws.
Playability  5/10
This was pleasant to an extent, but there were one or two factors which really tainted the round for me. The odd course ambience was one; the other, most unforgivably, was the mis-labelling of some regions as out of bounds. This was a serious flaw which could have major repercussions and should serve as a warning against the course.
Challenge  3/10
Short enough to really take a hammer at some of the greens, Rivard's easy-going conditions and lack of greenside hazarding will yield short putts and birdies. Only those few holes that require a bit of subtlety and throttling down will provide the opposition. Expect low scores.
Technical  4/10
Some courses are generally sound technically, but lose plenty of marks because of a critical flaw that has an impact on one's game. No matter how pretty a course, flaws such as the OB error here are just unacceptable. Hence, low marks until something gets fixed.
Overall Perhaps a little better than its rating might indicate, Rivard still suffers from one or two flaws which you don't need to be eagle-eyed to pick up upon. 21/50
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 Votes cast
Ace3 %1
Eagle10 %3
Birdie57 %17
Par20 %6
Bogey or worse10 %3

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