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TPC at River Highlands 2009
by Chas Demster

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1903
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2009-06-09  100,028,411  bytes 70  6843 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  PARKLAND  TPC at River Highlands 2009.crz 
Course ID Course Key


CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Real, parkland course
Concept  7/10
Surprisingly short and under-hazarded for a championship course, River Highlands has undergone quite a few links incarnations, and there's steady if unspectacular progress being made. With many holes playing across the hillside, there is an emphasis on good lie, and the Par 70 isn't likely to provide too many easy opportunities. There are two wonderful Par 5 holes thrown into the mix. The latest edition improves on the previous, but it still feels a little short of a genuine golfing atmosphere.
Appearance  6/10
The textures are noticeably improved, but the rough suffers badly from tiling, and the upper level planting is much clearer while the flowerbeds founder and - in fact - would be better omitted. Best of all is the ton of extra work that has gone into the course environs: with houses and other extras present, the atmosphere of the course is much, much better.
Playability  8/10
Brilliant fun without suffering the 'long and hard' (stop sniggering at the back!) problems of other PGA Tour mainstays. The variety is much wider than you'd have every right to expect, and only the target-oriented closing stretch demands that you hit the fairways without offering a bail-out. And then you wonder why more courses don't have a set of closing holes like it. The lack of sound is an annoyance, but there's a lot to like.
Challenge  5/10
The deep Major-style rough is a necessity to keep scores at a reasonable level. If you can deal with the elevations at River Highlands, you'll find the hazards mostly out of play and some very makeable approaches and putts. Even the Par 3s, despite all offering a carry of some sort, don't really shape up to be all they could. It will take a low score to win here.
Technical  6/10
Admiration to the designer for his continued efforts to improve this course, but there is still a bit that could use attention. Texture mappings and the low-level planting would be first, and the single-blend no-lip bunkers are starting to look rather primitive. What's important, though, is the progress and improvement shown over the previous River Highlands, and for that alone it's worth downloading.
Overall Lacking the brutish edge of its contemporaries, River Highlands is a classy and addictive course which is better than the sum of its parts. 32/50
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Ace29 %6
Eagle43 %9
Birdie24 %5
Par5 %1
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