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Bramshaw Manor Course
by John Brooks

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1817
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2008-02-09  65,794,048  bytes 71  6573 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  PARKLAND  manor1_locked.crz 
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This is an update of the Course to 2008 and replaces any older versions.

John Brooks

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Real, parkland course
Concept  8/10
In many ways, these are the best kind of courses for Links: loving creations of one's local track, without gimmicks or pretensions. There's something very, very real about Bramshaw Manor, and while it hasn't been immaculately put together, it features all those little things that we see out on the real course but rarely in the game. The drainage ditches, the folds in the landscape where the bulldozer has been called into play, and the uncompromising stretches of featureless rough - this is what most of us expect when we go for a round of golf.
Appearance  4/10
On, the flipside, there are quite a few ways in which this course could be much better. The textures often checkerboard in the wide, barren spaces, and blends seem to be something of a hit and miss affair. The blue water texture is clearly inappropriate when a murky black would have been so much better. Lastly, and most irritatingly, there are many clones, and often great queues of them masquerading as a hedge. This is in stark contrast to some lovely and convincing planting elsewhere. Inconsistency is the inescapable conclusion here.
Playability  8/10
Despite being a fairly routine 'local' course, there's some flashes of inspiration here. Many holes have been subtly tweaked by the designer to bring bunkers into play, and the original design clearly makes the most of requiring pinpoint precision. The demanding final hole is an absolute masterpiece. I would have like to hear more sound planting to bring the course to life, but there's plenty to enjoy here even without.
Challenge  6/10
You might expect the sort of easy pushover we have come to love from 'home' courses, and you'd be in for a pleasant surprise. Bramshaw is no pushover, and it manages to be so through demanding skill and accuracy from the player, not through excessive hazarding. OK, so I doubt you'd ever class it as hard, but this course could certainly hold it's own in moderate conditions, and might worry some in anything more severe.
Technical  4/10
I would nominate a complete overhaul of the planting, and perhaps a bit of work on the elevations, both particularly to tidy up the expanses of rough. Bramshaw Manor is an excellent example of painstaking progress, however, and the designer has clearly gone to pains to continually improve the course.
Overall The sort of local course that we all need to see more of. Demanding of your skills and your time. 30/50
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