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I am sure you all know this but just incase you don't ,I will mention it here. The resolution settings within the game of course should match your monitors native res. that you are running Links on. I will use my settings and. res. as an example. I have a 60'' widescreen and the native res. are 1920x1080. If you are running Links on a widescreen, there is a tutorial in this forum of going into the registry and making a graphic point value adjustment within the game for widescreen compensation. Once the adjustment has been made, boot Links up and on the main menu hit the Options Tab then Settings and finally Graphic Settings. You will see that under Display Mode the setting should read 800x600x16 bit. Leave that setting at that value. Go back to the main menu and on the bottom is a tab User System Info. When you open that drop box under Video Resolution the resolution you have applied to this game is displayed. In my case it indeed lists it as 1920x1080, 32 bit color.

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