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One South CC
by Michael Hamilton

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2012-01-22  0  bytes 72  7450 yards
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CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, tropical course
M*/F* would be my choice.
Concept  7/10
There’s some impressively subtle stuff happening at One South. Another of those ‘semi-fictional’ courses with a course superimposed on an existing patch of land, it’s had some meticulous, foot-by-foot golfing design imposed upon it, with all the small elevations and excellently-placed bunkers playing a part. The presentation of the course is straightforward and uncomplicated in the style we have come to expect from the designer.
Appearance  7/10
The two-tone fairways are beautifully graduated – possibly the best I’ve seen of this particular design, and generally speaking the textures fade nicely into the background, which is really all you can ask of them. The coral-white sand helps recall the location, and generally speaking the surface has been very impressively dealt with. The lack of generally-available tropical planting is betrayed in too much cloning and an awful sparseness which – on this flat terrain – is monotonous and dull.
Playability  6/10
Even on the first round, you’ll appreciate some of the cleverness in this very understated design. There are very few in-your-face holes, barring the impressive 11th; the designer instead using clever pin locations and precisely-placed bunkers to provide the challenge. But with the minute attention to detail comes a major downside: the overall impression of the course is just of too much blandness and forgettability – sometimes a little more trademarking is definitely called for.
Challenge  5/10
Many holes have their own challenges, and certainly the water is a threat at more than one point. But the bunkers are really very meek, there’s nothing by way of deep rough, and the greens – despite often only having a single gradient (usually the toughest to putt on, in my experience) will yield well. The Par 5s are very reachable, and you’d expect an Eagle chance or two on the way round.
Technical  6/10
instance that there could have been a little more to come. Some course buildings or customisation would have made all the difference between playing safe and a course which becomes a real pleasure to play.
Overall Clever stuff, but more than a little bland. Still looking for that little bit extra. 31/50
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